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Calendar and admission tickets

Events Calendar

The weekly calendar of events runs from Tuesdays to Sundays, with two shows daily, at 9pm and 11pm (11.30pm at weekends), except Sundays, which include a show at 1pm during the Sunday Brunch and a single evening show at 9pm.

Normally, performances last about 75 minutes for each show. Days and times are subject to change: please visit the Calendar page for the latest updates and to purchase tickets.

If prices are not shown, tickets are not on sale yet.

It is not allowed to film, photograph or record the shows, bring food or drinks or access the club with animals.


Admission Tickets

Tickets allow entry and seating. With the exception of members of the Club Membership Programme, the seats are assigned in order of arrival. Our tables are all in such a position as to allow an optimal vision and listening of the concert.

There are three categories of tickets:

The DOOR ticket is the full price ticket, that you can buy at the Box Office on the evening of the show.

The ADVANCE ticket is a promotional ticket at a lower price and can only be purchased in advance, up to two hours before the show.

The REDUCED ticket applies to members of the Club Membership Programme as well as to particular categories of users (Under 26, Over 65, students of music schools or others), as specified below. These reductions are not available for special events, which will be announced on the website.

Subscriptions and vouchers are also available, as specified below.

Ticket prices vary depending on the show. Every purchased ticket is valid for one show only and cannot be refunded or exchanged for other shows, except for show cancellations.


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