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2022 May 26 Thursday time 20.30
Stacey Kent 26/05/2022 20.30

Stacey Kent

Stacey Kent voce

Jim Tomlinson sax, flauto

Art Hirahara piano, fender

Door price 40,00

Please reserve your dinner

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Tuesday to Saturday from 2pm to 10pm
02 69016888

Grammy nominated, platinum-selling Stacey Kent is the recipient of multiple awards. She has had 375 million streams on Spotify and her previous album, ‘I Know I Dream’ (Sony) was awarded Best Vocal Album at the ‘2018 Jazz Japan Awards’.

Her new album, ‘Songs From Other Places’ is a captivating and eclectic collection of voice and piano duets. Accompanying Stacey on this musical journey is the extraordinary pianist, Art Hirahara. The idea for this album germinated when ‘I Wish I Could Go Travelling Again’, written for her by Nobel Prize-winning author, Kazuo Ishiguro, and her long-time collaborator and husband, Jim Tomlinson, was the most talked about and requested song by her fans on social media.

‘Songs From Other Places’ is an exploration of the themes of place, belonging, and the transformative power of travel. It includes songs by Paul Simon, Jobim, Weil & Gershwin, Lennon & McCartney, Stevie Nicks, plus two new Tomlinson / Ishiguro originals. With tracks in English, French and Portuguese, ‘Songs From Other Places’ is out now on Candid Records (with a bonus edition including 5 tracks, released on May 6th)

Her appearance in Milan is absolutely not to be missed!

Some music seems fated to match a moment in time. SONGS FROM OTHER PLACES provides that level of sublime solace for ours… Stacey Kent’s clear-as-light vocals and Art Hirahara’s lyrical piano make their duo outing exactly “what the world needs now.” – JAZZ TIMES


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Tuesday to Saturday from 2pm to 10pm
02 69016888

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