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2020 March 6 Friday time 23.30 ANNULLATO
Robin McKelle 06/03/2020 23.30

Robin McKelle

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Singer/writer Robin McKelle is a musical enigma, and  proudly  so.  On  her  upcoming  April  20th album Melodic Canvas,  she’s empowered  by  the alchemy,  embracing her genre-blurring  style  and no longer trying to fit into a box. The result is a deeply  textured,  rich, authentic collection,  a mix of  timely  social  commentary, intimate  lyrics and a thoughtful call to action.

A  savvy  songwriter  and  a  powerhouse  vocalist, McKelle has long found a home where soul, jazz, pop,  gospel,  blues  and  the  American  Songbook cross  paths. On  the  new  cd, her sonic  template takes  listeners  on  a  trip  down  to  the  Old  South, or sprinkles  in  a  sound  that  could’ve  emerged  from  the  Motown  era,  or even a Sade album. In her live performances, she exudes a bandleader’s moxie that recalls the Rat Pack era.

There’s  an insightful  storyteller’s  voice  that  connects  the  new  songs,  a narrative  thread  that  feels  smart  and  soulful.  McKelle’s  characters  are vividly  drawn,  from  the  struggling  teen  in  ‘Lyla’  to  the  immigrant  tale  of ‘Simple Man’; the moments of social awareness, in ‘Yes We Can Can’ (an Allen Toussaint cover featuring Chris Potter)  and  ‘It  Won’t  End  Up’,  are wise  and  inspiring  without  feeling  heavy-handed;  on  first  single  ‘Do  You Believe’, out March 30th, McKelle questions religion, hate, misogyny,



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