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2024 April 26 Friday time 20.30
Kandace Springs 26/04/2024 20.30

Kandace Springs

Door price 37,00

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Tuesday to Saturday from 2pm to 10pm
02 69016888

After a wait of almost three years, Kandace Springs’ legion of worldwide fans finally have a new album to look forward to. 2024’s Run Your Race, her tribute to her late father, legendary Nashville soul singer Scat Spring, is the first album of hers to feature almost all original songs, written by Kandace both solo and with some stellar collaborators, such as Gregg Wells (Adele), Matt Hales (Liane La Havas), and her long-time partners Evan Rogers and Carl Sturken (Rihanna).

“This album is probably the most personal one I’ll ever make,” says Ms. Springs. “My dad was a huge influence on my life and my music, and when he passed away earlier this year, I knew I had to pay tribute to him with this record.”

Backed by her ace all-female rhythm section, and joined as usual by a stellar group of guest artists, including Elena Pinderhughes (Herbie Hancock), and Karriem Riggins (Diana Krall), Kandace delivers her most heartfelt and personal record yet. The songs range from an early gem, “Look,” that Kandace actually wrote with her father, to the album’s feature track, “Run Your Race,” written in late 2022, which is a touching tribute to her college track star dad’s journey through life. A couple of classic standards, “Wild Is The Wind” (made famous by Nina Simone) and “What a Wonderful World,” make their appearance as well, as they were songs that Scat introduced to his daughter in her formative years. “He opened the door for me of a whole musical world, I went in and I’ve never left.”

Kandace’s last album, The Women Who Raised Me, was released in 2020, garnering 5-star reviews from publications ranging from DownBeat to The New Yorker, as well as winning the Deutscher JazzPreis for best vocal album of the year. Three years is a long time, but Kandace is convinced that her fans will feel the wait was worth it. “In a way, this album took a whole lifetime to make,” she says, “and I think it shows.”


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