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2016 March 10 Thursday time 21.00
Enrico Pieranunzi – My Songbook 10/03/2016 21.00

Enrico Pieranunzi – My Songbook

Enrico Pieranunzi piano

Simona Severini vocals

Luca Bulgarelli   bass

Nicola Angelucci drums

Rosario Giuliani sax

Francesco Lento trumpet

Door price 27,00

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Tuesday to Saturday from 2pm to 10pm
02 69016888

The story of “My Songbook” starts a long time ago, in 1979, and each song is a story in  itself. That year, on the occasion of my first album with Chet Baker, I had written “Soft Journey” and “Fairy Flowers” for him, which were recorded in instrumental version.  A few years later it occurred to me that it would be nice to put lyrics to the music.  So  i  asked  a  skilled  American  singer  and  songwriter  to  write  them,  and  she  found  evocative words to those tunes. That’s how “Soft Journey” and “Fairy Flowers” took  form into what they are in this album – this is the first time ever that they’ve been recorded in vocal version. Other songs in “My Songbook” have different stories. The lyrics to “Night Bird” “My Heart in a Song” and “Coralie” for example, were written  by  native  English  singers  who,  after  having  listened  to  the  instrumental  versions, asked me if they could put the lyrics, which naturally I appreciated. Then there are  a number of songs for which I wrote both music and lyrics – in English or in Italian – and another couple on which I put music on exquisitely virtuous poetry. Among  these  is  “Premier  Moment”,  a  poem  as  extraordinary  as  the  poet  who  wrote  it,  the  wonderful,  unforgettable,  Jacqueline  Risset.  Many  songs,  and  consequently,  many  stories. However, I believe the most important one is the union between these songs  and the voice of Simona Severini. It was our mutual friend Franco Fayenz who spoke to me about her a few years ago and introduced me to her first important album. When

I listened to it I had no doubts, there was everything in it: talent, intelligence, grace, those same qualities that allowed Simona to imbue my songs with her distinctive vocal personality. I am grateful to her and to all those musicians who eloquently contributed to the fulfilment of this project and collectively hug all of them. I’d particularly like to  dedicate  a  special  thought  specifically  to  Franco  Fayenz,  for  having  sensed  that “elective affinity“ between Simona and myself that has transformed my new musical adventure into a truly special experience.

Enrico Pieranunzi



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